Your teacher set up online lessons and you want to join?

It’s easy, once you log in to your account on the main page in the Next class, click the Join button.

You can also go to the Classes tab, select a lesson and click Join.

join classes online

Before you begin to participate in online lessons, a wizard appears that allows you to check your equipment. Depending on the nature of your participation in the lesson, you have the following options:

  • „Microphone” – click if you are using a microphone. Besides listening, this will allow you to speak during the lesson.
  • „Listen only” – click if you do not have a microphone and this option will only allow you to listen to the lesson.
online join the audio

How to correctly set up the microphone?

The wizard will make it easy. Click on „Microphone” and follow the instructions.

If during the test you hear a voice in the headphones, click „Yes” and join the lesson online. If the sound was not heard, click „No” and check the hardware settings.

If you choose „Listen only”, your microphone will be turned off and the verification step will be skipped.

audio test online

After selecting the „No” option, a window will appear asking you to allow the site to access the microphone and camera. Allow it to proceed. Now you can verify the correct configuration of the current microphone on your computer.

When configuring the microphone for online lessons, you can choose the hardware resources available on your computer, and adjust the microphone gain to improve the quality of the recording. By clicking the „Play sound” button, you can listen to the recording to check the headphones.

If everything works correctly, click „Retry”, say a few words and confirm that you hear the sound.


audio settings online

Now you can see the full online lesson panel.

On the left side of the screen, you will find a list of participants, chat, notes. The middle part of the screen is a field with a virtual board/presentation. Above it, there is information about the details of the lesson. Under the presentation, you will find the option to enable/disable audio and to enable/disable the camera. In the upper right corner, you will find the menu.

online student main

The option to mute the microphone has been added. If you use it during the lesson, you now have the option to mute it without having to turn off the sound and re-install the microphone. All you have to do is click on the microphone icon under the whiteboard on the main page. To unmute, click it again.

You can also click on your name in the list of participants and select „Mute user” or „Unmute user”.

The presenter has the option to mute all participants. The microphone icon next to them will light up red. If you want to use the microphone again, unmute yourself. The host cannot do this for you. This is particularly important because nobody should turn on your microphone remotely.

mute student
unmute student

What is this empty card in the centre of the screen?

It is the main part of the online lesson panel. This area is a whiteboard on which the teacher can write and draw. The teacher can share the whiteboard with you and the toolbar will appear on the right side of it.

If the teacher uses a presentation or provides other materials, e.g. a film, they will be displayed in the place of the whiteboard.

The teacher can mark the presentation as available for download. You can then download the presentation file to your computer.


If the teacher uses the option to ask questions through questionnaires, he will write a question or display it on the presentation and then a window with answers will appear in the bottom right corner. Choose the correct answer by clicking the appropriate option.

poll online

Do participants have the opportunity to communicate with each other during online lessons?

Of course, in addition to communicating using a microphone and a camera, participants can write messages to each other using the „Public chat” field.

Do you want to send a message to all participants or to a colleague?

Use the Public Chat option, enter your message and click Enter or the arrow icon. Your message will be delivered to all participants.

public chat

To send a message to a selected person, click on the name of the participant you want to contact and then „Start a private chat”.

private chat

If the chat conversation letters are too small, you can easily change the font size and you can also enable voice notification when you receive a chat message.

To make changes to the settings go to the application menu.

online settings student
menu application settings

The „Shared Notes” option can be found in the panel on the left side of the screen. Notes are added by every participant. The notes can then be downloaded as a file.

shared notes student

There is an option to work in groups during an online lesson. Your teacher can assign you a task and divide participants into subgroups. When he or she does it, you will see the notification asking if you want to join the breakout room.

Once you join it, the breakout room will open in a new tab.

breakout roon join

The teacher has the option of recording an online lesson. The recording captures all lesson options, i.e. camera preview, chat, sound and presentation (without videos shared from external addresses).

The recording is processed for about 24 hours and available for playback after clicking the „Recording” button for the selected lesson. This button appears exactly in the same place where the „Join” button is visible before the start of the lesson.

If the lesson has not been recorded, the message „No recording” will appear.

The recording cannot be downloaded as a file. However, they can be played back repeatedly.

When it comes to the quality of sound or image, the quality of the Internet connection has the main impact. Considering the technologies used in the module, the minimum user requirements are 0.5 Mb / s download and 1 Mb / s upload. If more people participate in the session and each uses a camera and microphone, these values should be correspondingly larger. For the presenter (teacher), the highest possible transfer value is recommended, especially when using the screen sharing option. We also recommend the use of Firefox and Chrome browsers, because for slower connections they retain better sound quality. For the duration of the lesson, users should disable the additionally running, unused browser tabs or programs/applications whose work in the background can affect the quality of the connection.
The user may have very good experiences with wireless internet, but if others hear that his sound is disturbed or changed, the user can either get closer to the router, try a different wireless network, or (preferably) connect directly to the wired connection. Using public WiFi is not always the best because it may not be sufficient for real-time audio or video.

It is recommended to use devices with at least a dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM. We recommend any operating system capable of running the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

For mobile devices, online lessons are available for iOS 12.2 and newer and Android 6.0 and newer.
Please note, your school can conduct online lessons using a different tool ie. ClickMeeting. You can join such lessons the same way, by clicking on the "Join" button but the panel will look different. Also, other tools may require you to download Java and enable Adobe Flash Player. If you don't know how the lessons are conducted please contact your teacher or school administration.