To display report, that will contain data of students in debt we have to:

1. Select tab „Reports”,

2. Click on the button „Select report”.

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3. On the list of reports we select „Installments for groups”.

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4. Now we have to filtrate the details we want to place on the report. In order to do so we have to click on „Filter”.

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5. In the search window we have to insert filters:

  • „To be paid until”„greater or equal” – here we select date from calendar – we set the starting date of our target area.


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6. When you want to apply another filter click on „Add condition”.

  • „To be paid until”„less or equal” – date on calendar – closing date of target area
  • „Left”„Greater” we insert number by how much – to exclude students, who paid installment in one part

7. To show the report click on „Search and close”.

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8. The report shows us students in debt for a defined period of time. We can click on „Notify debtors” to send them a monitoring SMS or an email.

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