There are situations when excess payments occur. It happens because student can pay rates that are not equal and at the end of a school year excess payment shows up. When we want student’s payments to be balanced, we should give his overpayment back.

In order to issue a return:

1. In module „Secretariat” we choose tab „Students”.

2. From the list of people we choose the given student and we click on „Payments”.


3. Let’s unroll the list of payments, on the bottom of the list, there is an excess payment.

4. Now we are about to issue a return to the student. To do so we click on „Add” and choose „Add return”.




5. In the return adding window we select the transaction, we want to return the excess payment of. In textbox „Return gross” we insert the return amount. In the box „return description” we can add information concerning the return.

6. Select „Save and close”. The return has been added.

The return has been added and student has no excess payment any more. Also on the student’s transaction list there is an information concerning the return.