At the beginning of a new school year, many schools arrange organizational lessons.

In our system we can create such a lesson and call it organizational as well as mark it- to make it visible on the classes list.

In order to create an organizational lesson we firstly have to go back to Settings and „Classes statuses”. When we don’t have inserted the status of organizational lesson, then:

1. Click on „Add”.

2. Insert the name of status and in the unrolled menu set the function status- Lesson took place. Insert percentage of student’s fee and percentage of teacher’s rate.

new status

Now, let’s move on to tab „Groups” and select one.

1. Click on tab „Lessons”.

2. Select the button „Add single lesson”.

add lesson

Then in the edit window we have to fill out the text boxes:

  • name of classes,
  • select teachers and room,
  • replace the default lesson unit with teacher’s rate,
  • set teacher’s rate per classes,
  • set date and hour of classes,
  • insert length.

If we want the organizational lesson to be an online lesson, mark „Lesson available on-line”.

new lesson

Buttons: Check teachers availability” and „Check rooms availability” are very useful. When we click on the first button, the system will show us the available teachers. If a given teacher will have classes that time, the system will suggest another one, who is avaiable. If it comes to room, it works by analogy.

3. In order to save click „Save and close”.

4. Then click on tab „Lessons” and set the status.

set the status