There may be a situation when it is necessary to cancel all classes on a given day. The LangLion Platform allows you to cancel all lessons in one place – the calendar „Rooms/Teachers/Groups”. You don’t have to switch between groups to cancel individual classes.

How can I cancel all classes?

It’s easy, go to the Calendar then Rooms/Teachers/Groups and then Groups tab. Set the calendar view to the selected day using the date selection function.

cancel classes calendar

Now you can cancel all lessons that day.

How to do it?

Just click on the chosen lesson to display its editing window.
Then, set the status of the class, ie. „Lesson cancelled” and save the changes

lesson cancelled calendar

Perform the same process for each lesson in the calendar view.

Please note that when you cancel the lesson, a message will appear at the top of the page asking you to confirm whether you want to generate a new lesson in place of the cancelled one.

cancel classes calendar generate

If you set the class status and the lesson disappears from the calendar, it means that you have turned off the option „Show cancelled”. Enable this option and all cancelled lessons will appear on the calendar.

show cancelled