We recommend using the „Move to another group” option as it is useful when creating a school plan. During this time, the migration of students between groups is frequent. At this stage, the students have no history yet. The transfer option allows you to easily move students from one group to another.

At the moment when the student changes the group during the course, he probably has a history, ie. an assessment, attendance, or notes assigned by the teacher,  and using the transfer option to another group, the data contained in the history will disappear. This is because the system does not know which group to assign the history, rating or notes.

How to correct this situation?

You can do this easily. Assign the student to the previous group and using „Edit data of student in a group” option, insert the date of discharge. Then assign the student to the new group and insert the date of enrollment.

Ready, the student’s history has been restored.