The Calendar can also show us the view of rooms and teachers.

1. To display the calendar – room chart we have to click on Rooms/Teachers”.

2. We have a possibility to set a week, when we want to display the timetable.

Buttons „Previous” and „Next” allow us to move the date by 5 weekdays- Monday to Friday.

Date „from”, „to” can be set manually by clicking on date box. Calendar, where we can select a concrete day, will appear.

Timetable can be printed and exported to a spreadsheet.

Our timetable is presented in a table. Days of week with dates and assigned rooms are placed in columns whereas hours are in rows.

In the calendar you can always find information about rooms availability, who teaches in a given room as well as information about classes statuses.

The Calendar with teacher’s availability has a similar view to the one with rooms.

Now, let’s select teachers in our timetable – we have to click on „Select teachers”.

In this calendar, there is presented data concerning:

  • teacher’s availability on given days,
  • rooms, where classes, led by teachers (who are entered in the timetable) take place
  • classes statuses – information e.g. if teacher cancelled his classes.