Tab „Calendar” allows us to have a look at a one-week timetable of a concrete group. Besides the classes there is also an information concerning classes, their statuses and their details.

In Calendar you can also find information on teacher’s availibility and information concerning rooms.

To display calendar with timetable of a concrete group:

1. Let’s click on tab „Calendar” in module „Secretariat”.

2. On the unrolled menu over the calendar we have to select a concrete group.

3. Next we have a few buttons to regulate the time in timetable. It makes a possibility to have an insight into classes, that took place and those, that will take place in the future.

Button „Today” sets current data in the calendar, we have an insight in today’s classes.

By clicking buttons „<„ or „>” we change date in calendar by one day back or forward.

By clicking the calendar icon we open a calendar window. In it we can set a concrete forward data. Then the calendar view will adjust to the data. If any classes are set on that day, then they will be displayed in the calendar.

We have a possibility to print the calendar with a concrete data.

By using the following buttons: „1x”, „2x”, „3x”  we zoom in the calendar 1, 2 or 3 times.

The calendar view consists of columns – week days and date as well as of rows – lesson units.

Classes displayed in the calendar are marked to make the view more clear. Every lesson has a hook in its text box (left or right corner). By clicking it we open a menu, where we can have a look at classes details and students presence during this lesson.

Let’s click then on a hook, it unrolls the menu, where we have a choice to see classes and presence details.

When clicking „View details” window with classes details appears. We have here visible all the values entered by a teacher. Namely, in tab „Classes details” we have a lesson topic and a homework.

Tab „Files” contains materials uploaded by a teacher.

Tab „Tests” contains tests planned for a given class.

When after clicking on a hook we will select View attendance”, window with students presence on a concrete class will appear as well as we can see if the homework was checked.