Enrollment in language school involves the signing of a contract. The LangLion platform allows you to mark the contract as signed or not. Additionally, you can make a report of contracts that have not yet been signed.

How to create the ability to mark student contracts?

  • Enter the „Secretariat” module and click on the „Settings” tab,
  • Go to the „System Configuration” tab and enable the „Marking the participant’s contract state (signed/unsigned)” option and save changes.
    To apply the changes, log out and log back into the system.

This can be done in a quick manner:

  • Click on the „Students” tab
  • Select the appropriate person and go to the „Groups” tab.
    Click on the slider that changes the status of the contract. Next to the slider, you will see a contract signing date that you can edit.

To edit the date, from the „More” menu select„Edit contract signature date” option. Then enter the date and save the changes.

In the same place, you can also add information about the contract due date.

Do you want to make a report of people who have not yet signed a contract?

It’s easy, go to the „Reports” module and click on the „Select report” option. Then select „Students- assignments” from the list.

Now select the appropriate filter that will show the students who did not sign the contract – choose the „No” filter from the drop-down list in the „Contract signed” column.

Done, the report of unsigned contracts was drawn up.