Do you want to avoid printing test papers and save your time?

Take advantage of the ability to create tests in the LangLion Platform. With this feature you can easily create a test and share it with your teachers and students. If you use online reservation, you can pin test as a leveling test on the registration form. The test can consist of a variety of questions – single choice, multiple choice, gap fill, predefined responses, and may include open questions and you can even insert YouTube video.

How can I create a test?

1. In order to create a test click on tab „Tests” in the E-learning module and click on „Add test”.

add test

2. Next, in „Basic information” tab, we have to name the test.

enter name of test

3. In the „Additional information” tab you can:

  • Select the language for which the test will be applied.
  • Set the level,
  • Assign a label to the test (to create labels go to the Labels tab first. Teachers also can add labels by themselves).
  • Set duration – during which time the student should complete the test,
  • Enable the ability to solve test multiple times,
  • Enter the return page address
  • Determine whether the case should be taken into account when checking the answer (Case sensitive)


additional info test

4. Save changes and start editing questions.

edit questions

5. The first edit window appeared. Here we can place a text box. In the window, we can paste and remove text. Click on „Save” when you finished text edition.

6. Then we select „Add question”.

single choice

7. We have five types of questions to select. At first let’s select single choice questions.

8. To create a single choice question we have to insert:

  • text of the question,
  • we add questions by clicking „Add answer” and select one correct, every answer can be removed by clicking on the trash icon,
  • to move on to the next question click „Save”,

9. We create multiple choice questions by analogy, but we select more than one correct answer.



one choice

10. Click on „Save” and create „Next question”. Now let’s create an open question.

  • Insert the question,
  • Set the maximum amount of points that a student can achieve for the correct answer,
  • Click on „Save”.
open question

11. Click „Add question” and select a question with gaps

  • Type the content of the question and select the text where the gap is to be made. This will be the expected expression that the student will need to enter in the gap.
  • click on „Mark expression”.
gaps filling

Filling gaps can be done by selecting the appropriate word or phrase. If you want the student to fill the gap, you have the opportunity to choose the answer:

  • Highlight the word or part of a sentence and click„mark expression”,
  • we can add alternatives to the marked expressions, next click „Ok”,
  • then, to finish click „Save”.

Student view:

alternative word

We have another possibility to create a „gaps question”. Let’s select then an option Choice of words from the list”.

choice of words from the list

12. Let’s create the next question. From the list of questions select with predefined answers”

  • Insert text of the question, mark the text and click „Mark expression”,
  • we add alternative answers by clicking „+” and by clicking „X” we mark the correct ones
  • To finish click „Save”.
predefined answers

During solving the test, when we click on „Select” we will unroll a list, where we can select a correct category.

We can change order of questions by moving them during the test edition. To do so use the "Drag and drop" method.
After we change the order of questions, numbers inserted in the text will not change.