Module Reports is a very useful tool. At each moment we have access to data from any wanted time. Reporting tool is also very complex.

To create a report:

1. Click on module Reports

2. List of data appears. Module „Reports” has already a few search criterions. Let’s click on Select report.

3. Select the wanted report on the unrolled list, e.g. report on issued invoices.

4. Invoices issued by our system have appeared. There is a possibility to primary filter the results on the report. We use empty text boxes under the column names to do it. Let’s assume we are interested in invoices issued on one given day, therefore we click on a text box under the headline Date of issue.

Calendar appeared, let’s set then the date that we want. Now the table shows all the invoices issued on the given day.

There is also a possibility to filter the files more precisely. Let’s assume we are interested in reports on invoices issued in a given year.

5. We remove our previous date to display all the invoices in our system. Let’s scroll the results table to the bottom and click Filter.

6. In the filering window we set conditions. Click on Add condition. In the first unrolling menu we select Date of issue, in the next menu greater or equal and then we set date, let’s say 01.01.2013.

7. Then we click on Add condition.

8. Now we similarly set options. Firstly „Date of issue”, in the next box we select less or equal  and then we select the end of the year 31.12.2013.

Our filter can be saved as a template e.g. „Invoices in 2023”. There will we no need in adding another filter to display any wanted year.

Displayed results of filtering can be both printed and exported to a spreadsheet.