What is the return address?

This is an e-mail address that allows your students or clients to reply to a message sent from LangLion. The LangLion Platform has options for sending mailings, sending notifications, and sending contracts and financial documents via e-mail. By default, e-mails with documents are sent from the address mailing@langlion.pl or payments@langlion.com (for financial documents). You can set any address to which it will be possible to send a reply message.

How do I add a return address?

If you have an active Superadministrator module, you can enter the main return addresses for each department separately, as long as the module settings indicate that the return address is not shared.

Go to the „Settings” tab in the „Secretariat” module. Then, go to the „Communication” tab and select the „E-mail” tab. Enter the address in the fields „Main e-mail address” and „Finance e-mail address” and save the changes. The addresses may be the same or different.

Done, the address has been changed and any replies to the information sent by you will be sent to the indicated mailboxes.