There is no need to delete classes with an old teacher. He should have an access to the classes he was conducting, in case there is need to add details of classes or grades. The generator will prevent us from deleting the classes if they were modified by the user, e.g. class details or grades were added, attendance was checked.

To enter classes in a group with a new teacher, please:

1. Go to the „Class generator” tab and edit the defined classes with the previous, old teacher – using the „Edit” function.

2. In the next step, click on the „Custom settings” tab and enter the date of the end of the classes with the old teacher and save the settings.

3. Then click on the „Add classes” button and select the „Copy settings from” option and select the name of previously configured classes from the drop-down list. Once the form is filled out just change the name of the teacher.

4. In the next step, go to the „Custom settings” tab. Then, in the „Start of classes” field, enter the start date of the classes with the new teacher.

After you finish editing, click „Save and close”. Now generate classes.

After introducing the changes, the class list clearly shows the division of classes into lessons with the former and current teachers. The tutor, who no longer conducts classes with the group, has still access to them.

It should also be remembered that the generator does not introduce changes to the modified classes and in this case, you must manually enter the changes by editing these classes on the list.

You can edit the class schedule not only when you change the teacher. Use it if you change days, hours, length of classes, or even the teacher’s rate.