The E-learning module allows you to add files to classes, as well as create and share tests for your students. In the Tests tab, you can manage tests created by you, as well as those created by the administrator.

You can assign labels to tests so they could serve as a search criterion. To add labels, go to the Labels tab and click on the „Add” button. Then enter the name of the label, edit its description and save the changes.

If you want to see what information the test contains, click on its „Details”.

You can edit your tests, add and change questions. Remember that you can not make changes to the tests that the administrator has made available to you. However, you can copy it and then edit it. To do this click on the „Copy test” button. As a result, the system will assign you as the author and editing questions will be possible.

Following options are also available:

  • Scores
  • Share
  • Student view
  • Preview
  • Settings
  • Remove

To add a new test, click on the „Create” button. In the new test form, enter the test name, select the language and level, assign a label, etc. If you want the students to be able to solve the test more than once, select the „Multiple solving” attribute.  If you want the test to be case sensitive – mark this attribute. Once you finish, click on the „Save and close” button or press Enter.


To submit questions for the test, click on the „Edit questions” option.

Then you select „Add question”.

There are five types of questions to select. At first, let’s select single choice questions.

To create a single choice question you have to insert:

  • text of the question,
  • you add answers s by clicking „Add answer” and select one that is correct, every answer can be removed by clicking on the trash icon,
  • to move on to the next question click „Save”,

You can create multiple choice questions by analogy, but just select more than one correct answer.

Now let’s create an open question.

  • Insert the text of the question,
  • Set the maximum amount of points that a student can achieve for the correct answer,
  • Click on the „Save” button.

Click „Add question” and select a question with gaps

  • Type the content of the question and select the text where the gap is to be made. This will be the expected expression that the student will need to enter the gap.
  • Click on „Mark expression”.

Filling gaps can be done by selecting the appropriate word or phrase. If you want the student to fill the gap, you have the opportunity to choose the answer:

  • Highlight the word or part of a sentence and click„mark expression”,
  • you can add alternatives to the marked expressions, next click „Ok”,
  • to finish click „Save”.

Student’s view:

We have another possibility to create a „gaps question”. Let’s select then an option Choice of words from the list”.

Let’s create the next question. From the list of questions please select „with predefined answers” option

  • Insert the text of the question, mark the text and click „Mark expression”,
  • we add alternative answers by clicking „+” and by clicking „X” we mark the correct ones
  • To finish click „Save”.

During solving the test, when the students click on the „Select” option they will unroll a list, where they can select a correct word.

You can change the order of questions by moving them during the test edition. To do so use the „Drag and drop” method.

After you change the order of questions, numbers inserted in the text will not change.

Once you finish, you can share the test so that the students can solve it.


To check the results, go to the Results tab. First, you will see the latest results. If the test contains open questions, it will be necessary to check them and to do so, click on the „Show and grade” option. To view all attempts to solve the test by the student, click on the „Solutions history”.

In the next tab, Results – registration, you will also find test results. However, they relate to the tests assigned to the online registration form. If the administrator has assigned you to verify the levelling test, in this tab you will find the details of the people who passed the test, their results and you will be able to check the open questions. To do this, click on the „Show and grade” option, after completing the verification, click on the „Checked” button.