Now, besides Citrix GoToMeeting, ClickMeeting and Zoom you can use integration with BigBlueButton.

Besides communication with participants, by using BigBlueButton you can add presentations, graphic files. Use the integration of the LangLion Platform with the aforementioned tool.

In order to use this functionality, you need to install and configure BigBlueButton on your own server or use the services of a hosting company.

More information about installing and hosting BigBlueButton you will find here.

How to proceed with the integration?

That’s simple: click the Settings tab in the Administration module and go to the Online classes tab. Then select the BigBlueButton option as the main provider of online classes in the system. Then, go to the section below and add API endpoint URL  and API shared secret .

How to set up an online lesson?

That’s simple:

A lesson was planned using the BigBlueButton.  Now the teacher can log in on their account and on the main page he will see his planned online lessons, that he can join. After clicking on the Join button, the BigBlueButton will open in the new tab. Then also students can join a teacher. Of course, they can see and hear each other. Additionally, they can share their screen, work on the whiteboard or some presentation, or share some additional files. There’s also a chat so attendees can make some notes on the lesson. 

You can find more about BigBlueButton at