Additional functionality of the „Finance” module complements its basic operation. In the „Additional options” tab you have the option to configure supplementary features. Here are the following:

  • Platform currency – Enter a particular system currency, it will apply throughout the system for user billing purposes
  • You can enable Printing two copies of cash document on one page
  • Set automatic sending of invoices or cash documents by email– after marking this option invoice will be automatically sent to its receiver
  • Take care of the form of the message, which is accompanied by an invoice or a cash document and edit the content. It will be automatically sent with your financial document
  • Prepare the information displayed in the student’s panel over payment details
  • Add the latest number of cash document to the transaction– there will be number of the cash document printed on the invoice additionally
  • By default attach an information on VAT exemption and insert text of this annotation
  • Turn on record of receipts
  • Hide transactions of archived users – The system will be unloaded and archived students transactions will be placed in the archive. To view them, simply enable the archive view
  • Do you want to have the cash documents showing the student’s data rather than his parent’s? Enable the „Force student’s data on the automatically generated cash transaction”
  • If you do not want your students to see their payments, you have the option to hide the payment tab on their account
  • Do not want to print transaction descriptions on cash documents? Enable the „Hide transaction information on automatically generated cash documents” feature.
  • Set discount limits and choose whether you want them to be deducted from the original price of the course
  • Set „Default timeout for invoice payment”. The system automatically enters 14 days to pay the invoice, but you can change the number of days to match your needs
  • Add detailed information about the course on the invoice

Don’t forget to click on „Save” button after setting the options.