In the tab „Settings” module „Secretariat” we can find an option „Notes”.

Let’s choose it and click „Add”.

add notes

Next we assign a name to the note. After finishing we click „Save”. Notes can be easily deleted by clicking the trash icon.

In order to add a new note, we click „Add”.


Now we will show you, what „Notes” can be used for.

They are assigned to students in order to create their profile’s history.

1. We choose the tab „Students” from menu „Secretariat” and click on a concrete student, who we want the note to be assigned to.

choose student

2. On the menu on the right we choose the tab „Student’s history” and click on a button „Add note”.


add note

The note’s edition window has appeared.

3. We enter the note’s date, we set its type as well as its text. Additional action is the setting of note’s attribute for „visible for student” and „visible on descriptive opinion.

4. We click „Save and close”.

Similarly we create next notes.


edit note

In effect we have a filled student’s history, that is shown on the following picture.



Every note can be either edited or deleted. Special icons on the right are designed to do so.

Student’s history can be also printed. To do so we click Print descriptive opinion”. Every note will always be attached to this opinion only if it was sent in the attribute window „Visible on descriptive opinion”.