The default lesson length is a parameter that is used when creating a group. Specify the length of the lesson by configuring the system so that it automatically draws to the group form.

How to add default lesson length?

  • Go to the Administration module and select the Settings tab and Basic settings
  • Select the Classes tab and enter the appropriate value in the Length of lesson field
  • Save changes

From now on, when creating a group, the default value for lesson length will be indicated in the Default lesson length field.

Can I change the default lesson length in a group without changing system settings?

Yes, you just enter the new default lesson length in the group edit form. You can do this in both the already created group and the new group.

What’s important, this value will be dedicated only to this group. The system’s basic settings will not change.

How to edit this variable?

  • Select the Groups tab
  • Click on a specific group in the list and go to the General tab
  • Select Edit
  • Enter a new value in the Default lesson length field and save the changes
  • If the lessons in the group are already set, they must be generated once again

What does the default lesson length affect?

It affects the classes schedule if you choose the option to enumerate classes by the number of hours. Check what characterizes the enumeration options in our instruction ⇒ LINK

Do you use hourly payments?

The default lesson length regulates the rate for a single student lesson and also affects the teacher’s billing.

The student rate for the lesson is calculated proportionally.
For example: if the default lesson length (lesson unit) is defined as 45 minutes and the price is 100 $ and the classes in the generator are set to 90 minutes, then one lesson will be 2 lesson units and the price for one lesson will be 200 $.

The system will also calculate the teacher’s rate in the same way.

In situations where the default lesson length (lesson unit) is equal to the length of classes in the generator the student’s fee and the teacher’s rate will be calculated from the proportion 1:1.