You can easily compile a list of the students enrolled in the selected time period, eg., in October.

To do so, o to the „Reports” module and click the „Select report” button.
Then, from the list of reports, select „Students- assignments”.

In the next step, click the „Filter” button to apply the appropriate filters.

To define filters, enter the following conditions:

  • Date of signing up to the group – greater or equal – 1.10.2015 (beginning of the month),

Enter the next condition by clicking the „Add condition” button.

  • Date of signing up to the group – less or equal – 31.10.2015 (end of the month)

To view the results, click the „Search and close” button.

The report was prepared, you can now print it or transfer the results to a spreadsheet.

This report is for statistical summaries and if you want it to be accurate, remember to enter the date of enrollment when assigning a student to the group.