The company for which your school carries out classes offers its employees co-payment courses. Are you afraid that in such a case you would have a problem managing the groups and that this would involve more work? Unnecessarily.

The LangLion Platform allows you to settle corporate courses when a student participates in the cost of the course. This applies to courses with an hourly type of settlement.

How to add information about co-payment in the system?

Enter student data into the system, create the appropriate groups and assign them to the company. Then on the Company tab go to the Students tab and select the option to edit the student data in the group.

Depending on whether the student will pay a fixed rate for the lesson or percentage from it, enter the relevant data

How to settle the student and the company in the case of co-payment?

Proceed exactly as you would with standard company hourly billing. After adding the settlement, the system will automatically calculate the amount to be paid by the student and add it to the student Payments tab.

In the Company Payments tab, the balance will indicate the amount it should pay. Total cost is the total amount to be paid by the company plus the amount to be paid by the students.

To add a student’s payment proceed exactly as you would with a regular individual student account.