The attendance status option is used when checking the attendance of students in the class. By default, the LangLion Platform has two presence statuses – absent and late.

As an administrator, you have the ability to define additional presence statuses.

How to add attendance status?

  1. Click on the Settings tab of the Administration module.
  2.  Then, select the Attendance statuses tab.
  3. Click on Add.

When defining a new presence status, assign:

  • Color, in order to distinguish among other statuses and legibility in the printout of attendance,
  • Name,
  • Shortened name – will be included in the attendance printout,
  • Function –  present, absent or not counted in attendance,
  • % of the student’s fee – the status affects the hourly type of settlement,
  • % participant’s total attendance – taken into account in the student attendance report

4. When you have finished defining presence status, click Save.

Done, status has been added to the system.