In addition to the online contract for the student, you can also create an online contract for the teacher.


How to create a template for a lecturer’s contract in the form of an e-document?

From ”Administration”  module select „Documents” tab then go to the „Teacher” tabs and click on the „Create a new template” button.


Complete the necessary information. Select the type of document, enter its title, assign numbering (if you use it) and select the „e-document” option. Enter the content of the contract below and apply the appropriate variables.


Once you have finished editing the contract template, click „Save” to save your changes.

Ready! The contract template has been prepared.


How to add a contract for teacher?

In the „Teachers” -> „General ” tab, find the right teacher, go to the „Documents” tab and click „Add document„.

Adding a teacher's contract


In the new window, select the appropriate type and template of the contract. Complete the remaining necessary information and finally click „Save and close”.

Ready! An e-document contract has been added to the teacher.

The teacher's contract in the form of an e-document is available for signing only from the level of the teacher's application.


Signing of e-documents by a teacher

The teacher can sign the contract online after logging in to his/her account application for teacher

The ability to sign documents and the "Documents" tab are not available in the browser version of the teacher panel.


The new agreement will appear on the app’s home page. The teacher can sign in the form of an e-document „Read and sign” or in the selected field, then select the „Sign” option.

teacher application home page - signing the contract


The contract before and after its signing is available in the „Documents” tab.

teacher app- documents tab


From here, the teacher can also sign the contract in the e-document form. To have a single field selected, you must then select ” Sign „.