On the LangLion Platform, you can use the function of marking the availability of rooms on the calendar.  This information will enable you to arrange classes in groups without any problems. It will also allow you to quickly search for room conflicts in the class schedule, especially when you are renting or using rooms in the school for other purposes.

How do you indicate the hours in which the room is available?

  1. In the Administration module, select the Rooms tab and choose the classroom.
  2.  Click on the Available hours tab and enable the edit mode.
  3. To mark the time when the room is available, click on the selected area on the calendar. If you want to extend the availability time, drag the selection area down. The availability of the classroom will be marked in colour.

You can also use the edit option available under the room’s timetable. You can add, change days of the week and hours of availability. You can delete invalid settings using the bin icon. Once you finish editing, click on the Save button.

Remember that when creating a class schedule, you can always verify the availability of rooms. The system also displays messages about conflicts, for example in the case of arranging classes in the same room for more than one group. Read in our guide about conflicts in groups ⇒ click HERE.