If a company that has bought a language course at your school allocates costs between its departments or subsidiaries, it can ask you for a special settlement.

The „cross-charge” option on the LangLion Platform will allow you to settle the classes proportionally for each department (based on the number of students from this department in specific groups) and to issue invoices for various billing data. This means that re-invoicing on the company’s side may no longer be necessary.

How can I use the „cross-charge” option?

First of all, in the Companies tab in the Administration module, enter all necessary company data. Then create groups and assign students to them.

Then add the company’s departments (branches or subsidiary) and assign students to them:

  • In the Companies tab, select the Departments tab and click the Add department button.
  • Enter the department name.
  • To finish, click Save and close

In order to assign students, go to the Departments tab and click on the Assign to department option next to the chosen name and select the branch from the drop-down list.

In order to make a settlement, go to the Payments tab of the company and click on the Settle button. Select the Cross-charge type of settlement from the drop-down list and click Next.

Choose the period of time for which you settle and indicate which groups and departments you are clearing.

If the students in the groups are mixed up, in one group there are several people from different departments who attend and each department needs a separate invoice, it is best to settle all groups, but individual departments.

In the next step you will see a summary of the settlement details.

Now you can create a transaction. Complete the transaction details as needed and click on the Save and close button.

To settle the other departments, do exactly the same.

Issuing an invoice is the same as in the case of regular settlements. Select the type of invoice, verify the data and select the transaction.

If a company does not need separate invoices, but it cares about the division of costs between departments, you can settle all groups and all departments immediately and add one transaction. Remember that the annexe to the invoice will contain cost information broken down into sections, which will help the company re-invoicing.

You can also settle each department separately and after adding many transactions, include them all on one invoice. This invoice will be issued for general company billing data.

The principle is as follows:

  • an invoice issued for a transaction involving one department draws billing data of this department (if the billing data of the department has not been completed, the system will draw corporate data)
  • an invoice issued for transactions involving two departments or more – it will download the company’s data
  • if the transactions do not include any department – the company’s data will be entered