Sometimes, the teacher will get ill or a situation will occur which will prevent him or her from conducting classes. In this case, you need to arrange a substitution. LangLion Platform allows you to mark replacement on the classes list. First, add a new status of classes – replacement.

How can I add substitution?

First of all, add a new classes status– Substitution.


  • Click on the „Settings” tab in the „Secretariat” module,
  • Click on the „Class Status” tab and select „Add”,
  • Enter the name of the status, select the „Cover” function and enter „% student’s fee” and „% teacher’s fee” and save the changes
% Of the student's fee - the value by which the student's rate will be recalculated for the lesson on which the substitute will be assigned,
% Of the teacher's fee - in case of replacement, the rate is defined individually in the substitution editing window, covering teacher's fee will be recalculated by this value

How to assign a substitution in a group?

  • Click on the „Groups” tab and select the appropriate group,
  • Go to the „Lessons” tab,
  • Select the right lesson and click on „Set status of classes”
  • Select „Substitution” from the list

In the new window, choose who will replace the absent teacher. You can also check if teachers are available at given time – click on the „Check availability” button and a teacher who does not have classes at the same time will automatically be assigned. Select the rate and save changes.