What are the age groups?

These are additional properties assigned to the courses. Thanks to this, it is possible to filter courses according to the age group criterion.

How to add an age group?

1. Select the „Secretariat” module and the „Settings” tab.

2. Go to the „Group settings” tab.

3. Click on the „Add” button.

4. Enter age group name and enter the age range.

5. When finished adding groups, click „Save”.

If an age group has been entered incorrectly, you can delete it by clicking on the trash can icon.

Age groups have been added to the system. Now you can assign them to a course.

How do I assign an age group to a course?

1. From the „Secretariat” module select the „Groups” tab and then „Courses”.

2. In the next step, click on the selected course and edit it.

3.  Select given age group from the drop-down list

4. To save your changes, click „Save and close”.


The age group has been added to the course, now you can filter the list of courses by the age group criterion. To do this, select „Filter”.
In the next step, click on the „Age groups” criterion and select the specific group by which you want to filter the list of courses.

The age group, that has assigned classes, cannot be removed.