The main administrator has the ability to add users who will manage the office using LangLion Platform. He can also give them appropriate permissions. Permissions are granted depending on the duties that will be performed by the user.

Check which functionalities are available after assigning specific permissions:

Groups management

Students management
Teachers management


Users management

  • adding users,
  • removing users,
  • the ability to view user’s login and password,
  • managing permissions,
  • editing and printing access data,

Classrooms management







  • creating, editing and removing the documents templates and added documents like student’s contract, student’s certificate, other documents, contracts, contract’s bills, companies’ contracts





  • access to the field with news on the main page,
  • creating news.


  • management of classes, lesson subjects,
  • the attendance of students,
  • checking attendance,
  • grades,
  • displaying information about students, groups, classes, schedule,
  • creating and sending messages,
  • adding, removing lessons online,
  • editing classes in groups,
  • login history.
Advanced teacher’s work data


Companies management


  • adding items to the e-library,
  • deleting items,
  • creating signatures,
  • renting and returning signatures,
  • checking the reservations positions,
  • preparing printout of held positions,
  • the ability to print library cards,
  • archiving items,
  • the ability to configure e-library settings – adding publishers, item types, creating prefixes, setting the default number of days for booking items, as well as the number of digits in the prefix.


  • creating new tests,
  • editing tests
  • removing tests,
  • assigning labels to tests,
  • sharing tests with teachers,
  • access to test results,
  • management of files uploaded to the Platform (adding, deleting, moving between folders, sharing with groups).
  • preparing various types of reports, e.g. invoice report, cash register documents, student list etc.
  • creating report templates.
Online payments
  • managing the settings of online payments


Teachers’ rates
  • adding teachers rates
  • removing rates
  • assigning rates to the teachers’ classes


Teachers’ access details
  • editing teachers’ credentials
  • sending the credentials to the teachers by email
  • creating surveys,
  • sharing surveys,
  • survey editing,
  • deleting surveys,
  • access to survey results.


  • access to billing and invoices for using the LangLion Platform
  • management of reservations, transfers and accommodation of students
  • adding, editing and deleting locations, insurance packages


  • adding people to CRM, editing and removing people
  • creating tasks
  • adding notes on the timeline of students, companies and leads


E-learning and surveys
  • applies to new packages in which surveys are part of the E-learning module (if you are not sure if you need such a package, please contact us)