Sometimes, when a new lesson is created during the planning process, the given room is already occupied or the teacher has classes at that time. To avoid this situation, you can easily check the availability of the room or teacher.

We made sure that in the case of conflicts in the schedule, they could be easily spotted and removed. The group in which something is not correct is marked with the status Group conflict. In addition, an exclamation mark icon appears on the lesson list, which means that there is a conflict. You can check the details on the Conflicts tab and quickly edit errors.

If you want to modify many lessons at the same time, it will be best to make changes to the class generator and generate lessons again. Remember that the generator will not make changes to lessons already modified by the user. In this case, you must edit them manually.

Please note that in addition to the group, classroom and teacher conflicts the system displays a conflict when a class was generated while the teacher was unavailable. From the Conflicts tab, you can edit classes in the group or the unavailability of the teacher.