One of the elements displayed on the main page of the Administration module is the Groups to regenerate window.

It contains information about all groups in the system in which the number or length of generated classes does not match the general settings of the group and generator.

This means that, for example, some classes have been cancelled in a given group, but no new lesson has been generated for this place. Such situations happen mainly when the teacher introduces changes to the class schedule of the group.

If the teachers in your school have the permissions to make changes to the plan, then the administrators and secretariat staff ultimately verify the compliance of the group plan with the original settings.

Why do I see these groups?

If a list of groups to be regenerated is displayed on the main page, it means that the current number of classes in these groups is not equal to the number of planned classes. Remember that if changes in the plan are made from the level of the E-gradebook, then the system message asking if you want to regenerate the classes is not displayed. Such a message is visible only when changes are made from the level of the Administration module.

So if the teacher shortened, extended, cancelled or added a lesson in the group, the office staff should regenerate this group.

When changes are made by an administrative employee, a message asking for the group to be regenerated will be displayed, but it may be canceled. Thus, the list of classes will not be updated appropriately. Then the group can also display on the main page.

Detailed information about the differences in the number of planned and current classes can be found in the summary below the list of classes of the given group

How to regenerate classes in these groups?

All you have to do is click the Generate button next to the group or click Generate all, below the list of groups and confirm the message „Do you want to continue?” displayed at the top of the page.


The system will generate classes in a group or groups so that the number of classes is correct.

I have regenerated the groups, but they are still showing up on the list. Why?

Remember that the generator will not change, it will not delete lessons modified by the user. You may find that all the lessons in the class list are marked as modified and even though you clicked Generate nothing has changed. In this situation, go to the Groups tab, search for the group with which there is a problem and edit the classes manually.

Remember that you do not have to generate classes from the main page window. You can always check here if there are any groups that need to be verified and correct it in the Groups - Classes generator or Groups - Lessons tab.