Almost every single school has classes for children and during the registration process it is crucial to create an account also for parents.

To allow parents to log on the Platform we have to select „Parents’ accounts” Secretariat settings, tab: „System configuration”.

parents account

Turning this option on will create separate account with login and password and there will be a tab „Parent’s data” added to each student, where we have to fill out the text boxes with data (first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address).

edit student data

In such a case, there will be a possibility to choose who of the users we want to send an invoice or an information about debt to. Whereas access data will be sent to the parent’s e-mail address and SMS notifications will be also sent to his/her telephone number.

Parent’s data will be also printed on cash documents.

What in case when student is an adult and there’s no need in creating parent’s account?

In student’s data edition we have to select option Don’t activate the parent’s account”.

By selecting this checkbox, the student will be receiving e-mail messages, invoices, debt notifications, SMS notifications and access data.

don't activate

In case when parent’s account is not active and we want to print student’s data on cash document, we have to select tab „Additional options” in Finance settings and select „force student’s data on the automatically generated cash transaction”