Thanks to the news, in a simple way you can add a notice that will be visible for every student, teacher, and employee of your school.

How to add news?

It’s simple, go to the „Secretariat” -> „Main page” tab and in the „News” field, click on the „Create” option.

secretariat - news - create

Add a title and content, and click on the „Save and Close” button.

secretariat - news - create - new message

Done! The message was added and appeared in the news for everyone.

On the dashboard will be displayed always the latest news.

student's panel - news

Can I add information that will be permanently pinned to the student’s panel?

Of course, all you need to do is select the „Pinned” option when creating a news item.

secretariat - news - create - new message - pinned

Thanks to this option, it will always be visible at the very beginning of the news.

student's panel - news - pinned