Creating groups is the next step in organizing classes.

1. In the Administration module select Groups tab.

2. Next click on the Add group.

3. In the group editing form, you can insert data like:

  • a course, language and level,
  •  name of the group,
  • group type,
  • type of enumeration of classes in a group,
  • default lesson length,
  • start and end dates,
  • price of the course,
  • the default type of settlement, etc.


To customize the form, just click on Change fields order and visibility”. Now you can change the order using the „drag and drop” method. You can also use the option „Hide field” to hide the one you don’t need to fill.

You can apply changes both when adding a new group and when editing already existing group.

Once you finish editing, click on the „Apply changes” field.

Please note that once made changes will be included in each group. This means that if you want to add another group, the form will only display these fields and in the order, they were previously set.

If you want to edit it again, there is no problem. Data that has been entered in the fields you want to hide will not be deleted.

4. Once you finish, click on the Save and close button to save the changes or click Next to assign the students to the group.

How to assign students to the group?

After you click on the Next button a new window with a list of students will appear. You can now select students that you want to assign to this group. Then click on the Save and close button

If necessary, you can edit the group’s data at any time. All you need to do is to click the edit icon. After changing/adding information, click Save and close or press Enter.

If you are editing data on the number of classes, how they are enumerated, or the default length unit, unit , remember to regenerate the list of classes.

When you edit the price of a course or rate for a unit/lesson, the data should also be edited in the student’s Payment tab, as he may already have a payment scheme or different rate set up.

Enumerate classes
Settlement of classes